Information Technology

Panel Discussion: Keys to Succeed in Hybrid World of the Future of Work

| 1 hour

Organizations proved clearly over the past 12 to 18 months that they could enable employees to work from home. Now, as more offices across the globe start to reopen, the real question is, what must we do differently from the way we worked before? Questions remain in flux as to who needs to be in the office, what hardware and software organizations need to provide, if the same real estate footprint is required, and more. This complimentary webinar brings together a panel of Gartner experts to answer the overriding question: What do you need to do to succeed in the evolving hybrid environment of the future of work?

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Discussion Topics:
  • What global companies must do differently to support a hybrid workforce
  • What software and hardware challenges lie ahead to enable the future of work
  • How to reassess your company’s real estate portfolio for a hybrid workforce
Hosted by

Nicole Kyle

Sr Director, Advisory

Tori Paulman

Sr Director Analyst

Stephen Kleynhans

VP Analyst