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Overcome These 4 Challenges to Create an Actionable, Adaptable Service Strategy

| 1 hour

Eight out of 10 companies struggle to implement their customer service strategic plans. The increasing pace of change inside and outside service organizations makes it difficult for strategies to remain relevant. In addition, the strategic planning process and the strategy itself remain disconnected from the people, activities, measures, and decisions needed daily to achieve the desired outcomes of the plan. This complimentary webinar shares the four keys you need to create actionable, adaptable strategic plans essential for today’s customer service environment.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Discover the major pitfalls that prevent companies from implementing their strategic plans
  • Establish and communicate the goals of the service organization, and identify the right measures of success
  • Shift from the traditional, annual strategic planning approach to response-based planning
Hosted by

Mark Dauigoy

Sr Director Analyst