Reinvent B2B Selling for a Digital Buying Environment

| 1 hour

Aligning your commercial organization to your B2B customer’s digital buying journey is needed. Customer uncertainty is a key cause of stalled or low-quality B2B deals. Especially during this pandemic era, sales leaders and their teams must focus on building customers' decision confidence to unlock high-quality, low-regret deals. However, as B2B customers increasingly turn to digital sources for learning and even completing purchases, it becomes very difficult for sellers to reach and influence them. This complimentary webinar looks at why chief sales officers (CSOs) need to think differently about their role and that of their sellers in a digitally-driven buying environment, and how they can build a customer-aligned sales organization for the digital age.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Know what supplier actions drive customer confidence in today's highly uncertain environment
  • Understand how a preference for digital buying leads to worse customer purchase decisions
  • Learn what an effective customer engagement strategy looks like in today's digital environment
Hosted by

Alice Walmesley

Director, Advisory


Brent Adamson

Distinguished VP, Advisory