Supply Chain

Align Supply Chain Performance to Customer Outcomes

| 1 hour

Chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) must work more closely with commercial leaders to align supply chain performance to the required customer outcomes. Supply chain leaders today need to deliver more than one supply chain response to properly serve unique market segments with different demand characteristics and competitive service requirements. This adds operating complexity, and supply chain leaders struggle to align with commercial leaders on the right balance between standardization to achieve scale and differentiation to optimize alignment with demand. This complimentary webinar looks at how CSCOs and their teams can better align their supply chain operating model, performance and targets with commercial strategies and the required customer outcomes.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Engage commercial leaders to better align supply chain performance with required customer outcomes
  • Evaluate how well supply chain design and performance support the required outcomes
  • Ask commercial leaders to estimate the sales volume from each type of customer
Hosted by

Michael Dominy

VP Analyst