Information Technology

Is the Project Manager Role Dead in Digital Delivery?

| 1 hour

As organizations shift to digital delivery, traditional project portfolio management (PPM) roles can become underappreciated or even misunderstood. However, without critical PPM capabilities, you risk collisions or gaps in planning, coordination or reporting. PMO and IT leaders play a critical role in adapting the project manager role to the digital delivery context, providing support for staff in these new roles, and educating stakeholders so they understand and value these PPM roles. This complimentary Gartner webinar shares best practices you need to breathe new life into critical PPM roles.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How the project manager role needs to evolve to support digital delivery
  • How to update project management skills for the future
  • Best practices in hiring, skill development, and career pathing for digital delivery
Hosted by

Kristin Mettraux

Sr Director, Advisory