Information Technology

The Art of Knowing How to Leverage Decision Intelligence

| 1 hour

Organizations face increasing pressure to make better and faster business decisions, but the decisions keep getting more complex with a growing number of factors to consider. The solution is to apply decision intelligence techniques that enable fast, consistent and accurate fact-based decisions. CIOs, IT leaders and architects must understand the changing role of data and analytics in all types of decisions (i.e. strategic, tactical or operational). Good software tools are available, and organizations generally can access the data they need to make effective decisions. This complimentary webinar looks at the key to effective decision making, the art of knowing where and how to integrate decision intelligence solutions into business processes and applications.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Discover the trends in decision intelligence and why it is growing
  • Understand why you should or should not automate a decision
  • 2 practices that improve the quality of decision intelligence solutions
  • When to use machine learning, optimization or business rule engines
Hosted by

Roy Schulte

Distinguished VP Analyst