Information Technology

Digital Influencer - CIOs, Be a Business Partner, Not Just an IT Provider

| 1 hour

Digital transformation gives CIOs a unique opportunity to assert greater influence over business strategies and create new value. Exploiting this opportunity demands a new approach to building relationships and cooperating with your business stakeholders. Rather than reacting to business needs, strategic partners share a vision for how to move forward to achieve shared goals. In this first of a special three-part webinar series, Gartner expert Janelle Hill helps you change the business-IT relationship dynamics to leverage technology to better serve the business strategy.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Shift from reactive to proactive engagement with business stakeholders
  • Build the right competencies to meet and then exceed stakeholder expectations
  • Develop relationship management as a competency, not just a role
Hosted by

Janelle Hill

Distinguished VP Analyst