Information Technology

Hybrid Everything: CIOs Can Reinvent How We Work, Interact, and Live Life

| 45 minutes

CIOs can play a crucial role in taking advantage of a rare opportunity to reinvent a “forever hybrid” world. Do not settle for the common equation that Hybrid = Remote + Onsite. Question everything. How should your enterprise engage with customers? What are the new ways of working? How can we reinvent life activities, such as exercising, learning, and watching sports? This complimentary webinar pushes CIOs and IT leaders to reinvent the hybrid equation and guide yourself and your enterprise in new directions. CIOs and IT leaders have a great opportunity to reshape what we do and how we live because hybrid is technology driven. Thus, they shouldn't just respond to the business but help guide it.

Discussion Topics:
  • Why CIOs play a crucial role in reinventing a “forever hybrid” world
  • How we will reshape customer engagement, ways of working, life activities and more
  • Steps CIOs can take to alter the hybrid equation and drive new success

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Hosted by

Hung LeHong

Distinguished VP Analyst