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The Gartner Tech CEO Leadership Vision for 2022: Trends and Priorities

| 1 hour

Growing revenue and acquiring new customers continues to be the ambition for Tech CEOs entering into 2022. IT spending is back to growth, with funding and mergers and acquisitions (M&As) increasing to their highest point in the last three years. This provides startup, emerging Tech CEOs, and their teams the chance to respond more rapidly to changing buyer priorities, substitute competition, and to find customer growth opportunities. In this complimentary webinar, former C-level executives, now Gartner experts discuss the Leadership Vision for 2022 with a focus on Tech CEOs. They will highlight the key actions that Tech CEOs should take in 2022 to build an organization that can achieve and sustain high growth and continue scaling. We’ll share recommendations around the trends and priorities you should consider to accelerate growth in your organization.

Discussion Topics:
  • 2022 market conditions that offer opportunities to realize high growth ambitions
  • Ways to achieve sustainable scale growth
  • Actions you must take to respond to these trends and prioritize your efforts

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Hosted by

Mark Wesker

Sr Director Analyst


David Adams

Sr Director Analyst