Virtual Briefing: Balance the Tactical Execution and Strategic Vision of Selling

| 1 hour

Chief sales officers face a great paradox: Plan for the future, but deliver now. CSOs take the job knowing they are the only executive who owns the top line, likely with limited time to deliver it. They know that problems experienced by any other function will ultimately become their problems and slow them down. Now, CSOs face a forever-changed and heavily digital B2B buying motion, massive supply challenges (of products and people) and basically a world interrupted. In this environment, CSOs often get sucked into the day-to-day, trading conscious decisions for firefights, offense for defense, and strategy for tactics just to make their number. But leading to deliver current targets without a clear strategy for the next 12 to 18 months does more than leave your future to chance; it plays right into the hands of those planning to disrupt your world. This invitation-only, complimentary virtual briefing explores the CSO’s precarious balance to deliver their number now while mobilizing their team to deliver a bigger one next. A panel of Gartner experts looks at the tools and processes that can set CSOs up for current and future success.

Discussion Topics:
  • Discover tools and processes to define your sales strategy
  • Explore tools and processes to execute scenario planning and risk assessment
  • Get best practices and approaches to deliver the top line in the current market environment

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Hosted by

Maria Boulden

VP, Executive Partner

Dave Egloff

VP Analyst

Stephen DiFranco

VP, Executive Partner

Henri Richard

VP, Executive Partner