Information Technology

The Gartner Leadership Vision for 2022: Infrastructure & Operations

| 1 hour

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders have a clear mission in 2022: Enable renewed growth and transformation, focusing on customer centricity. The voice of the enterprise’s customer should always be at the heart of everything that I&O does. I&O leaders must deliver adaptive, resilient services that support continuous and rapid business change. In addition, a platform needs to be built that enables digital products that meet customer and stakeholder needs. This complimentary webinar explores the Gartner Leadership Vision for 2022 to help I&O leaders with their next year plans, and how to present them to leadership, peers and teams.

Discussion Topics:
  • Lead in a technologically democratized world
  • Identify, then forward-fill critical skills for I&O
  • Enable hybrid and distributed work across infrastructure and operations

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Hosted by

Tim Zimmerman

VP Analyst