Information Technology

Ask the Experts: The Gartner 2021-2023 Emerging Technology Roadmap Findings

| 1 hour

Which emerging technologies can provide your enterprise with a competitive edge? How do you determine the right technology investments? The latest Gartner Emerging Technology Roadmap harnesses the collective wisdom of more than 400 of your global IT peers to understand adoption plans, value and risk perceptions of 111 technologies across core infrastructure domains. Join this complimentary webinar as Gartner experts take your direct questions to help you determine the right technologies and the right course of investment for your organization.

Discussion Topics:
  • Technology adoption trends of more than 400 IT executives for 111 emerging technologies
  • Discover the right emerging technology investments for your organization
  • Emerging technologies that did not justify the hype and which are being cautiously deployed

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Hosted by

Leinar Ramos

Director, Advisory

Ajeeta Malhotra

Principal, Research

Hakan Gunaydin

Director, Research