Research and Development

Unlock R&D Innovation With Intentional Collaboration

| 1 hour

An overwhelming majority of research and development (R&D) leaders believe a hybrid work model makes innovation more difficult. However, 75% of R&D leaders anticipate they will make permanent changes to allow more staff to work remotely compared to prepandemic levels. Organizations must develop new muscles to drive intentional collaboration in order to unlock creativity and innovation. Furthermore, to overcome the challenges brought on by changing expectations at the macro and function level, as well as evolving employee preferences, organizations need to create a human-centric work model. This complimentary webinar will help R&D leaders navigate the great resignation/retirement by rethinking career development to move beyond the dual career ladder to career pathing 3.0.

Discussion Topics:
  • Find out what leading R&D teams do to intentionally collaborate in the hybrid work world
  • Learn why you need to create a human-centric work model
  • Make needed changes to impact R&D team recruitment and retention over the next 5 years

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Hosted by

Atul Dighe

VP, Advisory