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Leverage Your Team to Drive Your Digital Workplace Initiatives in 2022

| 1 hour

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A successful digital workplace initiative starts with an empowered leader and the right people. How do you identify the right digital workplace leader? Or, claim this title for yourself? How do you recruit and leverage the right team members to successfully meet today’s demands while scaling to deliver on the future of work? This complimentary webinar brings together foundational Gartner research elements (Digital Workplace Team, Digital Workplace Job Description, and Digital Workplace First 100 Days) to provide you with relatable examples of digital workplace projects, vital colleagues, and first steps you should take to meet your digital workplace goals.

Discussion Topics:
  • Identify the right digital workplace leader and recruit a strong team
  • Discover the foundational elements for building the right digital workplace team
  • Get the first steps you should take to achieve your digital workplace goals

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Hosted by

Tori Paulman

Sr Director Analyst


Dan Wilson

Sr Director Analyst