Information Technology

Invest in Your Digital Innovation Ecosystem to Drive Sustainable Growth

| 1 hour

Business innovation leaders must adjust to innovation’s hyper-accelerated pace by reimagining their digital innovation strategies, extending their operating models and broadening their capabilities. They must shift from internal “inward-out” innovation to “outward-in” shared-intelligence innovation ecosystems. Ecosystems help clients and providers create mutually beneficial, scalable relationships that accelerate digitalization and customer-centric product innovation, drive efficiencies, and open the door to new digital business models. This complimentary webinar will help you drive sustainable long-term growth by embracing innovation ecosystems.

Discussion Topics:
  • Create outcome-oriented digital innovation business models that extend beyond your enterprise
  • Scan, attract and identify diverse participants to evolve your extended operating model
  • Use shared capabilities across the ecosystem to co-create, not just consume or supply

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Hosted by

Michelle Bazargan

Sr Director Analyst