Information Technology

The Gartner 2022 CIO Agenda: Make Composability Your Superpower (Southeast Asia)

| 1 hour

Recent history reinforces that volatility is the norm, rather than the exception. CIOs and technology executives who use composability to deal with continuing business disruption make their enterprises more adaptive and resilient. They make more sustainable, meaningful contributions to the enterprise, according to a Gartner survey of more than 2500 CIOs and IT leaders. This complimentary webinar breaks down the findings of the Gartner 2022 CIO Agenda, sharing how IT leaders in Southeast Asia can use composable business to architect for resilience and exploit the disruptions that digital technology brings by making things modular.

Discussion Topics:
  • Explore the finding of the Gartner 2022 CIO Agenda, with a focus on Southeast Asia
  • Discover what the masters of composability are doing
  • How to turn composability into your competitive advantage

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Hosted by

Yanna Dharmasthira

Research Director