Drive Demand at Key Accounts via Account-Based Strategy

| 1 hour

Sales leaders who focus significant revenue on key accounts face the challenge of trying to drive pipeline against a smaller universe of accounts. A volume-based campaign sending emails to any and all in the database won’t work. Instead, the sales leader needs to move toward an account-based strategy and partner with other go-to-market (GTM) leaders to build highly personalized programs that are delivered across a coordinated, cross-functional set of touches. This complimentary sales webinar features insights from Gartner experts that will help you meet your sales pipeline goals and get ahead of the competition.

Discussion Topics:
  • Understand how to design highly personalized content and offers that drive engagement at key accounts
  • Orchestrate activities between various functions (sales, marketing, SDR) to drive meetings and pipeline
  • How to build alignment between the key functions to work together to deliver successful programs

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Hosted by

Greg Hessong

Sr Director, Advisory, KI Leader


Dan Gottlieb

Director Analyst, KI Leader