Information Technology

Make Cybersecurity a Priority Business Investment

| 1 hour

Cybersecurity is now the number-one spend item on the technology investment list. In 2022, 88% of boards say cybersecurity is a business issue, not a technical one. CIOs and senior IT executives must be able to communicate the risks, value and cost of cybersecurity to their board of directors. Boards want metrics, measurement and governance that will help protect against ransomware and other threats. This complimentary webinar looks at the outcome-driven metrics of cybersecurity and how you can work with your board to design a cybersecurity investment strategy that drives business outcomes.

Discussion Topics:
  • Learn how to guide cybersecurity investment as a business value
  • Discover how to treat cybersecurity as a business decision
  • Communicate outcome-driven metrics to your board of directors

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Hosted by

Paul Proctor

Distinguished VP Analyst