Information Technology

The Gartner Top AI Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

| 1 hour

Predictions for the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) remain very bullish. Yet, it is not enough to know what AI could enable; you need to be ready to take advantage of the predictions as they evolve. This complimentary webinar reveals Gartner’s top AI predictions for the coming years. We also give you a chance to do more than look ahead. You will learn an exercise where you can look back from the future, envisioning a world where the predictions all come true to create a strategy that takes full advantage of AI developments to give your organization a competitive advantage.

Discussion Topics:
  • Synthetic data’s rise will change how people feel about what AI can see in their work
  • Using AI for software itself will change how people relate to their technology at work
  • Organizations will address the crisis they perceive in AI skills through novel approaches

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Hosted by

Whit Andrews

Distinguished VP Analyst, KI Leader


Shubhangi Vashisth

Sr Principal Analyst


Carlie Idoine

VP Analyst