Information Technology

The Gartner Chief Data Officer Survey Results 2022: Drive Business Impact

| 1 hour

The 2022 Chief Data Officer Survey shows chief data officers (CDOs) and other D&A leaders that their role is driving greater business impact. Join this complimentary D&A webinar, as Gartner experts share findings from the seventh annual Gartner CDO Survey. We will explore the behaviors and actions that lead to success for top performers, and actionable practices for all data and analytics leaders to achieve success.

Discussion Topics:
  • How CDOs and equivalents are proactively engaging with enterprise leaders to drive business impact
  • The importance of change management, developing and upskilling talent, and data literacy
  • Critical behaviors and actions of top D&A performers that lead to success

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Hosted by

Mike Rollings

Distinguished VP Analyst, KI Leader


Debra Logan

Distinguished VP Analyst