Information Technology

The Future of Work for Software Engineering and IT Agile Teams

| 1 hour

Software engineering and IT leaders are under pressure to create a productive work environment that attracts and retains top talent. In the face of this challenge, leaders are tasked with determining the future of work for their agile teams, whether it be fully on-site, fully remote or adopting a hybrid approach. For agile teams, the future of work will not revolve around the office. How can leaders empower their team members with flexible work arrangements? In this complimentary webinar, we explore how you can create a human-centric work design that drives collaboration in a hybrid environment.

Discussion Topics:
  • Learn to adopt a human-centric work design that attracts and retains talent
  • Promote collaboration practices and tools that support flexible work arrangements
  • Empower your software engineering teams to choose where they work

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Hosted by

Graham Waller

Distinguished VP Analyst


Bill Blosen

Sr Director Analyst