Supply Chain

Know What’s Coming Next: Measure Drivers of Supply Chain Disruption

| 1 hour

The Russian invasion of Ukraine raised yet another challenge for supply chain leaders, who already were contending with the pandemic and global supply chain delays. As companies struggle to keep up with the increasing disruptions within the global landscape, supply chain leaders need to focus on developing their resilience to counteract the impacts to their business. Their focus must go beyond the latest disruption, as they know another one awaits. Join this free supply chain webinar, the first in a three-part series, as Gartner experts discuss how you can determine which drivers will most impact your supply chain and gauge which disruptions will next challenge your company. Plus, you will have a chance to ask your questions on building resilience in your supply chain and addressing continuous disruption.

Discussion Topics:
  • Determine which drivers will fuel the next supply chain disruption
  • Find out how supply chain constraints will impact capital spending aspirations
  • Weather the storm in a supply-constrained market

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Hosted by

Joel Knox

VP, Team Manager

Brian Whitlock

Sr Director Analyst