Impactful Storytelling Series: Panel - How to Tell Your Unique CXO Story

| 1 hour

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Every leader across the organization needs to be able to tell a clear, impactful story to achieve success. Still, you and your intended audience can significantly change how that story is told. Join this complimentary webinar, the third in a three-part series, as a panel of Gartner experts discuss and share their experiences on the stories that achieve success for executives and leaders, including in finance, IT, sales and human resources. This is a must-watch program for any leader in the organization..

Discussion Topics:
  • How a leader’s role shapes the story they need to tell other leaders
  • Determine the right mix of emotion and data to craft an impactful story
  • Examples of how leaders use storytelling to achieve their desired outcomes

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Hosted by

Steve Miranda

Executive Partner, Bus Services

Maria Boulden

VP, Executive Partner

Dennis Gannon

VP, Research

Lori Blickensderfer

MVP, Product Management