CFOs’ 2022 Playbook for Enhancing Profitability & Driving Digital Acceleration

| 1 hour

CFOs are concerned that their current strategy of passing along inflation through pricing may not continue to work. This is due to weakening global growth forecasts, persistent supply chain pressures, pandemic related lockdowns in China, and continued talent shortages. In fact, 74% of CFOs cite lower profitability as the biggest risk organizations face as a result of input price inflation. Naturally, CFOs look toward cost containment and reallocating spend to help improve profitability in the back half of 2022. At the same time, 94% of CFOs have greater ambitions for digital growth and 92% plan to spend more on digital this year. Driving digital acceleration while enhancing near-term profitability is no easy task. In this complimentary finance webinar, Gartner experts Alexander Bant and Dennis Gannon will share seven mistakes CFOs should avoid when managing profitability in this environment. Plus, they will share frameworks for how to segment costs in a way that will differentiate your performance in the coming quarters and years.

Discussion Topics:
  • Gain insight into how you can drive digital acceleration while enhancing near-term profitability
  • Learn the seven mistakes to avoid when managing profitability in today’s environment
  • Use frameworks to help you segment costs to differentiate your performance

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Hosted by

Alexander Bant

Chief of Research, Finance


Dennis Gannon

VP, Research