From Automated to Autonomous Finance: Gartner 2022 CFO Conference Key Takeaways

UPCOMING July 25, 2022
| 11:00 a.m. EDT | 1 hour

EDT: 11:00 a.m. | BST: 16:00

Finance technologies are quickly evolving from automated processes to autonomous capabilities. Thus, the rapid onset of autonomous finance technologies will pose an entirely new set of challenges for CFOs. Join this complimentary webinar, where Gartner expert Dennis Gannon will share insight into the path that leading finance teams are taking to realize the potential of an autonomous finance function. Taking the key themes from the Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Conference 2022, they will focus on how this function is one in which technology is not just following rules, but works alongside humans, adding its own judgment and learning as it goes.

Discussion Topics:
  • How CFO beliefs and assumptions about technology can limit progress towards an autonomous future
  • Understand your roadmap for the future of finance technology
  • Learn how finance teams can find success with applications of artificial intelligence (AI)

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Hosted by

Dennis P Gannon

VP, Research

Matthew Mowrey

Sr Director Analyst

Mark D. McDonald

Sr Director Analyst