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Build Product Management Teams in IT Part 3: Transform Legacy Culture Mindsets

| 1 hour

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CIOs are organizing a growing share of IT workaround products that are defined by how they are consumed, rather than how they are produced or the functionality they offer. Most CIOs focus on organizational restructuring and skills development as they transition to product management, but they underestimate the extent to which legacy mindsets and ways of working can hinder work in a product-centric model. Mindsets drive what employees do and why. CIOs transitioning to product management must cultivate the mindsets and culture required for success in this new model. This free product management webinar, the final installment of a three-part series, looks at why CIOs must invest in socializing a north-star cultural direction with leaders and staff that emphasizes the need for four cultural attributes or mindsets.

Discussion Topics:
  • Explicitly define and socialize a “North Star” culture direction with both leaders and employees
  • Adapt performance metrics that drive behavior change
  • Accelerate the adoption of new mindsets through culture hacks

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