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Drive Growth With Better Customer Journey Orchestration

| 1 hour

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Customer journey orchestration is complex for marketers and customers. Aligning next-best actions to every touchpoint across every segment for every channel places tremendous pressure on how data, technology and people need to interact. The costs are high, and progress is slow. Gartner research shows that marketing leaders need to shift from only supporting seamless execution to supporting customers' self-reflective learning. To do this right, you need a new creative process for crafting and configuring insight that drives impactful journey interventions. This complimentary marketing webinar presents Gartner's latest research on customer journey orchestration for both B2C and B2B organizations, and shares case studies from brands that are getting it right in ways that customers truly value and reward.

Discussion Topics:
  • Find out why customer journey orchestration is complex for marketers and customers
  • Discover why marketing must shift to supporting customers’ self-reflective learning
  • Hear case studies from brands that get it right in ways customers truly value and reward

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Hosted by

Michael McCune

Sr Director, Advisory, KI Leader