Gartner Panel: Overlooked Sales Compensation Levers for Uncertain Markets

| 1 hour

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As the annual fiscal planning season approaches, many sales leaders have new worries about sales compensation. Just as two years of disruption seemed to be relenting, seller turnover is surging, open sales positions are taking longer to fill, and broad economic indicators offer little promise of near-term stability. The uncertain economic outlook also means that even small increases in the compensation budget will be hard to secure this cycle. Join this free sales webinar as a panel of Gartner experts focuses on the “hidden in plain sight” options for boosting seller motivation that are likely to be available in most sales organizations.

Discussion Topics:
  • Recognize unspoken perceptions of unfairness that limit compensation program effectiveness
  • Turn seller demotivators to your advantage
  • Fix misaligned incentive metrics that reward sellers for unimportant results or ignore core role responsibilities

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Hosted by

Steve Herz

Sr Director Analyst

Christopher Gamble

Sr Director Analyst

Maria Boulden

VP, Executive Partner