The Top Tactics for IT Agility and Resilience in a Volatile World

| 1 hour

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Gartner talks to a lot of executives, and we have never met one who said they want less agility. Everyone from the CEO on down wants more agility. That makes sense; the world is lurching from crisis to crisis, and the thing we need to survive in that environment is agility, the ability to respond well to change. However, we also need to build resilient systems and people, and these two things can feel like they are at odds with each other. This free webinar delves into some brand-new Gartner research around tactics for agility in a volatile world. We will break the implicit myths that stubbornly persist in organizations, killing agility even as leaders profess to want it. We will also address the most-pressing questions raised by you and your peers, on ways to discover advanced tactics to make your organization more agile and resilient.

Discussion Topics:
  • Explore new Gartner research on how to balance agility and resilience
  • Learn to break implicit myths that kill agility efforts in organizations
  • Get advanced tactics to make your organization more agile and resilient

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Hosted by

Mary Mesaglio

Managing Vice President