Virtual Briefing: Drive Deal Momentum Through Sense Making Selling

| 1 hour

As customers can now access a plethora of useful information independently, many sales leaders struggle to update their sales approach to match the realities of the new information age and virtual selling environment. Join this invitation-only virtual briefing to learn about how to effectively execute a sales strategy focused on sense making principles in a challenging sales environment. In this session, we focus on how integrating sense making into sales enablement efforts can help sellers connect customers to relevant resources, clarify complex information and collaborate in learning. Plus, learn that sellers who adopt a sense making approach drive high-quality, low-regret deals by building customer’s confidence.

Discussion Topics:
  • Understand how sellers can differentiate themselves in a crowded information market
  • Boost customer confidence by understanding their information context
  • Embed sense making into your sales motion

Return to this web page to watch the virtual briefing. Contact us at with questions about watching.

Hosted by

Billy Luckey

Director, Advisory


Nate McCullough

Director, Advisory