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Maximize the Benefits of Data Fabric in Your Organisation

| 1 hour

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The data-and-analytics market continues to be in new terminology that seems to mean something different to each person. When it comes to data fabric, the claims and counterclaims seem equally prolific. One of the most important aspects of data fabric’s current version is that it has evolved from and leverages everything that has come before it, from familiar tools and platforms to subject-matter-expert-driven solutions like data mesh. Join this complimentary data & analytics webinar to get the clear definition of data fabric, and more importantly, the steps you can use to take to maximize the benefits of data fabric.

Discussion Topics:
  • Sort out and leverage active metadata, data fabric and data mesh
  • Find out how to start a data fabric without breaking the bank
  • Make sure your timing for data fabric is right for your organisation

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Hosted by

Mark Beyer

Distinguished VP Analyst