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Gartner Workshop: Top 10 Tips, Tactics & Tricks for Negotiation Success

| 1 hour, 30 minutes

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Gartner’s latest CIO research reveals that negotiating IT contracts has become a top of mind technology leadership priority. And, in 2022, pandemic recovery, combined with digital initiatives and composable architectures, will increase the difficulty of contract negotiation. To maximize business value, sourcing, procurement and vendor management leaders must support growth while reducing costs, adapting to changing requirements and minimizing risks. How can IT leaders be better prepared to optimize negotiation priorities during a time of inflationary pressures rising?

In this free Gartner workshop, expert JoAnn Rosenberger will guide procurement, sourcing, vendor managers, and IT leaders involved in the negotiation planning process on how to incorporate ten “must know” tips, tactics and “tricks” into the negotiation plan to optimize pricing, discounts and contract terms. Attendees will receive ready-to-use checklists, templates, and worksheets for optimizing future negotiations with existing, new, and emerging vendors.

Discussion Topics:
  • Why you need a collaborative team approach for effective negotiation planning and execution
  • How to use terms and conditions checklists to mitigate risk in vendor contracts
  • Tactics to gain leverage and bargaining power for optimizing pricing and discounts

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Hosted by

JoAnn Rosenberger

Distinguished VP, Advisory