Human Resources

Ask the Experts: Navigate Risk with Labor Market Insights

| 1 hour

HR leaders must ask key questions about talent investments as they prepare for a potential economic downturn: How do I balance cutting costs with investing in talent? What are my non-negotiable talent investments that will enable success across many likely scenarios? HR leaders must manage talent acquisition risk, monitor the competitive landscape to ensure you have the right profile to attract and retain key talent, and define the growing and new skills that will accelerate skills building internally, Join this complimentary HR webinar to find out how Gartner TalentNeuron labor market data can help you ensure your organization has the talent and skills it needs to drive growth.

Discussion Topics:
  • Understand the implications of an economic downturn on your talent strategy
  • Identify non-negotiable talent investments that will allow your organization to drive growth
  • Use labor market data to manage risk and accelerate internal skills building

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Hosted by

Kenneth Pyle

Sr Director, Advisory


Ryan Hill

Director, Advisory