Information Technology

Gartner Panel: Demonstrate The Value of Data and Analytics to the Business

| 1 hour

Data and analytics form the backbone of the modern economy, yet too often the true business value of data gets misunderstood or miscommunicated. Data and analytics leaders across all sectors and regions have a great opportunity to reaffirm the true value of data and analytics to the organization and also exert greater influence themselves on the business. This complimentary data & analytics panel discussion looks at what you must do to show true business value of data and analytics, including a redefinition of value beyond monetary terms. You also will find out how data and analytics leaders can gain more influence by being better communicators and what skills you need to take the next step.

Discussion Topics:
  • Find out why money can be a bad metric for the business value of data and analytics
  • Communicate a value story that resonates more strongly with your business peers
  • Determine what skills data and analytics leaders need to exert more business influence

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Hosted by

Rita Sallam

Distinguished VP Analyst


Alan Duncan

Distinguished VP Analyst