Tech and Service Providers

Raise Technology & Service Provider Relevance in a Recession to Drive Revenue

| 1 hour

Economic instability leads to uncertainty that delays decisions, reorders priorities and creates hardship, all of which change the context of consumer and business decisions. As buyer priorities shift, the relevance and effectiveness of current technology and service provider (TSP) marketing, messaging and value will change and likely decline without contextualization in the face of new economic conditions and context. TSP product leaders must optimize the pivots that the TSPs are making among changing market conditions. This complimentary webinar explores how TSP product leaders can increase the providers’ relevance to customers and prospects in the face of economic turbulence and the potential for a recession.

Discussion Topics:
  • Increase TSP relevance by recognizing and responding to real market signals and pivots
  • Develop action plans based on the providers’ relative position and strength in a market
  • Strengthen internal operations to adjust to changes in cash flow, price and wage increases

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Hosted by

Mark P. McDonald

Distinguished VP Analyst