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The Top Digital Wealth and Asset Management Brands

| 1 hour

The digital wealth management revolution has begun to pick up speed as robo-advisors and no-fee offers proliferate. Once a space that catered to the one percent, now both established brands and low-cost fintechs race to attract affluent and mass-market consumers with digital-first products. Brokerages that were born online dominate the upper echelon, but this market is still anybody’s game. In this complimentary webinar, we break down the second annual Gartner Digital IQ Index: Wealth and Asset Management U.S. report that benchmarks the digital performance of nearly 75 brands covering wealth, investment & asset management, private banking and fintech.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Which established, traditional brands have cracked the code on digital performance
  • How fintechs are changing customer expectations
  • Top tactics brands use to focus on different wealth customer segments
Hosted by

Kelvin Rhee

Specialist, Research

Ross Cosner

VP, Team Manager