Information Technology

The Keys to DevOps Success

| 1 hour

There is a lot of hype around DevOps, but do you really understand what it means for your organization or what it entails? Increasing the speed of value delivery is not as simple as saying you are "doing" agile or DevOps. DevOps applies agile principles of discipline, collaboration and early feedback to tasks. "Being" DevOps requires everyone involved in the product development lifecycle to change how they currently work and to expand their knowledge and capabilities into new areas. This complimentary Gartner webinar will help you better understand and apply the keys for DevOps success in your organization.

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Discussion Topics:
  • What DevOps is and what it is not
  • Critical factors for DevOps success
  • How to build your DevOps practice into your software development lifecycle (SDLC)
Hosted by

Bill Holz

VP Analyst