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Data Science and Machine Learning Trends You Can’t Ignore

| 1 hour

Machine learning and data science sit at the core of the rapidly changing artificial intelligence (AI) landscape. Industrialization of machine learning and democratization of data science fuel new solutions, reduce skills shortages and accelerate value creation for organizations of all sizes. It is the time of change in machine learning: Early adopters are all in, but fast followers are just paving their road to machine learning and data science. This complimentary data science and machine learning webinar gives you the vital steps to achieve the right future. Learn about the myths, complexities and emerging practices for machine learning and data science to help your enterprise become more effective.

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Discussion Topics:
  • The future of data science and machine learning as we know it
  • Top trends and emerging practices in data science and machine learning
  • How to achieve the right future of data science and machine learning
Hosted by

Svetlana Sicular

VP Analyst