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Gartner High-Tech Forum: The Economy is Recovering; Are You Prepared to Seize the Day?

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1 October 2009  | UNITED STATES

Gartner Analysts


Hyatt Regency Santa Clara
5101 Great America Parkway Santa Clara, California, USA 95054


Panel Discussion: What Next as the Economy Recovers

Presenters: Mike Harris, Jim Eastlake, Richard Gordon, Roger Fulton

Server Virtualization: The Story Is Not Yet Over

Presenters: Matt Boon, Jeff Hewitt <br> Virtualization is reshaping the landscape for suppliers and users of server products, but the impact will ripple through the whole IT ecosystem to affect everything from software applications to financing arrangements.

Cloud Computing: Reshaping the IT Landscape

Presenters: Lydia Leong, Simon Hayward <br> It seems everyone knows that cloud computing is the next big thing - but what does it actually mean, who will it affect, how, and over what timescales? This session will take you beyond the hype to the specific impacts that will affect your business.

Social Media: The Impact on IT Marketing

Presenter: Jim Lundy <br> IT marketers know they can't ignore social media, but many are unclear what to do with or about Twitter, Facebook, blogging and all the rest. In this fast-changing field, Gartner shares insight into what we see working, failing and making a difference in how you communicate with customers and the market at large.

Improving Partner and Channel Performance - It's Not Optional

Presenter: Tiffani Bova <br> Even those sectors of the IT market that are used to working with indirect channels and partners are typically unsophisticated relative to other industries with longer experience of complex distribution networks. This is a growing area for completive differentiation across IT.

Smaller Vendors Can Develop Unique Go-to-Market Strategies

Presenter: Bob Goodwin <br> Smaller vendors have great potential for innovation but often struggle to make an impact in the market. Gartner experience shows there are many steps these companies can take which can help in the drive for market attention.

Software: Humpty Dumpty Won't Go Back Together Again

Presenter: Simon Hayward <br> SaaS, open source, cloud and advertizing have irremediably broken the simple software license plus annuity maintenance model. But it remains unclear what business models will work for what software and which buyers. There is still a lot of exploration to be done.

How to Position Services to Differentiate Your Value

Presenter: Eric Rocco <br> Whether you deliver IT services through partners or via your own capabilities, you have the opportunity to differentiate your value through services offerings. Learn how to best position and sell service value during challenging times and prepare for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Unified Communications: What Will Customers Actually Buy?

Presenter: Jeff Snyder <br> The market is awash with discussions around unified communications, but the messages do not always resound with customers. Understanding customer needs and creating a compelling value proposition are essential for success.

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