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Gartner Semiconductor Briefing: 2010 Recovery on Track - What About 2011?

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10 June 2010  | UNITED STATES

Gartner Analysts

Bryan Lewis

Bryan Lewis

Research VP
Dean Freeman

Dean Freeman

Research VP
Christian Heidarson

Christian Heidarson

Sr. Research Analyst
Jim Tully

Jim Tully

VP Distinguished Analyst
Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson

Research VP


Doubletree Hotel San Jose
2050 Gateway Place San Jose, CA 95110



Registration and Breakfast


Welcome and Introduction


Semiconductor Worldwide Forecast: 2010 Recovery on TrackWhat About 2011?

<li>Bryan Lewis will discuss "Worldwide Semiconductor Forecast, 2010-2014." <li>Dean Freeman will analyze the question, "Equipment Manufacturing and Foundry Forecast: Are We Building for Overcapacity?" <li>Bryan Lewis will present "Semiconductor Forecast: Conclusion and Final Thoughts." </li> <ul>Gartner evaluates the updated quarterly forecast for semiconductor devices to determine whether first-half growth is sustainable into 2011 and takes a look at the fundamental demand drivers in the equipment manufacturing and foundry spaces.


The Evolution of Multiple Screens and the Cloud: What Do the iPad and "Connected TVs" Mean for the Semiconductor Industry?

<li>Paul O'Donovan will cover "Accessing Cloud Services Through TVs." <li>Christian Heidarson will discuss "Three-Screen Computing: Smartphone, iPad and PC." <li>Jim Tully will analyze the question, "What Does This Multiple Screen Evolution Mean for the Semiconductor Industry?" </li> <ul>PCs, smartphones and DTVs 30+% of total semiconductor revenue and changes in these "traditional" applications are evolving to address the new online service and user demands. New form factors are evolving out of the traditional three screens into applications such as the iPad that will have a significant impact on semiconductor demand. Gartner evaluates these applications, the changes to their features and functions, and the ultimate impact on the semiconductor industry.




Optimizing for Profitability in the Supply Chain

<li>Ray Barger will present "AMR - Supply Chain Excellence." <li>Jim Tully will cover "The Changing Face of Semiconductor Startups and Small Private Companies." <li>Bob Johnson will discuss "Semiconductor Profitability - Marketing and Evaluation Process." </li> <ul>Gartner evaluates key areas of the semiconductor value chain, including examples of supply chain excellence and key semiconductor startups, and presents a marketing and evaluation process to maximize profitability along the maturing value chain.



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