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Consumerization of IT and Its Impact on Enterprise Mobility

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The explosion in smartphone and tablet devices and their entry into the workplace is causing the demise of the single OS (e.g., RIM BlackBerry) strategy and forcing IT departments to confront multiple device types running multiple OSs. In these briefings, Gartner Research Vice President Michael Disabato will examine the results of a field research study on mobility and discuss how to craft a Bring Your Own Device policy.

21 February 2012  | SWEDEN

Gartner Analysts

Michael Disabato

Michael Disabato

Research VP


Konferens SpÄrvagnshallarna
Birger Jarlsgatan 57 A
Stockholm, SWEDEN


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Mobility in the Age of Consumerization

Michael Disabato

The consumerization of IT has had its greatest impact on mobility. The introduction of the iPad triggered a revolution in the tablet marketplace. The impact of the smartphone has long been felt but, along with the effect of tablet devices in the workplace, the push is on for better mobility tools. IT still has the responsibility to protect organizational intellectual property and is struggling with bring your own device programs and mobile data management. In addition, IT has a responsibility to improve employee productivity through technological advances. <br> Key Issues:<ul> <li>What are the current trends in mobility? </li> <li>How has consumerization impacted mobility rollouts? </li> <li>How should enterprises approach mobility? </li> </ul> <br>

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Creating a Bring Your Own Devise Policy

Michael Disabato

The consumerization of IT has had its greatest impact on mobility. The iPad triggered a revolution in the tablet marketplace, sparking a consumer-driven revolution. End users continue the push to allow their own devices on the enterprise network. This presentation outlines how to establish a bring your own device policy and the issues that may accompany it. <br><ul> Key Issues: <li> Is Bring Your Own Device a fad or significant trend? </li> <li> What are the key components of a BYOD policy? </li> </ul> <br>

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