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APAC Local Briefing Emerging Opportunites for the IT Provider - Beijing, 2nd August

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Please join leading Gartner analysts for an exclusive half-day presentation that delves into the impact of emerging technologies and concepts such as cloud computing, big data, fabric computing, infrastructure convergence and virtualization, and how best IT providers can capitalize on this opportunity.

2 August 2012  | CHINA

Gartner Analysts

Evan Zeng

Evan Zeng

Research Director
Vincent Fu

Vincent Fu

Principal Research Analyst
Jimmie Chang

Jimmie Chang

Principal Research Analyst


Raffles Hotel Beijing
33 East Chang Ann Avenue
Beijing, CHINA



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Session 1: Integrated Systems - New Opportunities in Greater China Data Center Market

Evan Zeng

Integrated systems are at the center of the disruptive forces driving change at the heart of the data center. The combined forces of users demanding more agile and efficient systems along with vendors vying for control of the stack are resulting in a period of disruptive change. This presentation will focus on the impact of integrated systems on the market and competitive landscape. <p> In this session, Gartner will provide advice on: <p>The integrated systems and current data center trends in Greater China market <p>The opportunities in market segments and vendors competitive landscape <p>How vendors can capitalize on the emerging opportunities


Session 2: Data Center and Hosting Market Outlook

Vincent Fu

Virtualization, industrialized offering and green requirement leads data center market evolution. Business driven CIOs are under pressure to adopt new technologies to save cost, improve agility and energy efficiency. A range of hosting providers exist in the market, however capabilities and type of services vary which bring opportunities and challenges to service providers. This presentation will highlight the key trends in data center market and the implication to IT providers. <p> In this session, Gartner will provide advice on: <p>Emerging trends that will have greatest impact on data center outsourcing <p>What enterprises need today and how IT providers can capitalize on the opportunity <p>The influence of cloud computing and the implication for data center and hosting service providers




Session 3: : Understanding the Data Centre Transformation and Big Data

Jimmie Chang

Transformation and modernization is typically a high impact long term initiative for Infrastructure and Operations team. With the increased business focus on agility and performance, data centers managers are willing to challenge conventional ways of designing, procuring and delivering infrastructure and services. While traditional data centre technologies will continue to attract high investments, the relevance and impact of emerging technologies such as Cloud computing, fabric infrastructure, Virtualization and big data are being discussed with equal furor. These disruptive technologies have a revolutionary impact on the data centre strategy, design, procurement, and management and it is important for infrastructure vendors to understand the changing dynamics of the market. <p> In this session, Gartner will provide advice on: <p>The opportunities and challenges of DC transformation and big data. <p>How cloud computing fits within an already complex I&O environment <p>How server and desktop virtualization affect storage infrastructure design, costs and usability <p>How big data is different from traditional online and database applications and how big is the market


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