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Preparing for the Digital Business Era: Get Ready to Change Your Go-to-Market Strategy, Sourcing and Delivery Model

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In an exclusive half-day, interactive session, Gartner analysts Ganesh Ramamoorthy and Arup Roy will explore emerging digital business trends, disruptions that are impacting the IT service provider organizations, the key challenges they face in building an effective go-to-market, sourcing, delivery model and strategy, and how they must prepare to overcome those challenges in 2017.


10 March 2017  | INDIA

Gartner Analysts

Ganesh Ramamoorthy

Ganesh Ramamoorthy

Research VP
Arup Roy

Arup Roy

Research Director

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Mumbai, INDIA


9:00 am



Welcome & Introductions

10:00 am

Session 1: Go To Market Strategies to survive and ride the storm winds of digital disruption

Ganesh Ramamoorthy

Digital disruptions are placing ever more demands for digital experience and engagement, business innovation and are also leading to other secondary effects. Technology and service provider organizations must update many aspects of their business and business model to survive and ride the storm winds of digital disruption. 1. How should service providers position themselves to assist enterprises take advantage of digital disruptions? 2. What go-to-market strategies should service providers adopt to survive the digital disruption? 3. Which products and services should service providers have in their portfolio to ride the storm winds of digital disruption?

11:00 am


11:15 am

Session 2: The Impact of Intelligent Automation Services on Sourcing Business and IT Services

Arup Roy

The rise of intelligent automation services is being touted as the one of the biggest technology changes impacting humanity since the internet. Technology and service provider organizations must therefore closely examine how AI based services will radically impact their sourcing and business and IT services delivery strategy, and prepare accordingly. 1. How are intelligent automation enabled services impacting IT service providers? 2. How should they prepare to deal with it?

12:15 pm

Networking lunch

1:00 pm

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