Brian Lewis

Brian Lewis

Lead Architect for Medicines Development IT, Eli Lilly and Company

As the Lead Architect for Medicines Development IT at Eli Lilly and Company, Brian Lewis is driven and empowered to ensure that innovation and architectural discipline are core elements of how Lilly leverages information and technology to bring world-class pharmaceuticals to its patients. Brian began his career as a chemist and enjoys applying the scientific method to understanding and solving all challenges, organic and digital. Recently, Brian has been trailblazing the use of semantic technologies to address big data challenges facing scientists and is a frequent contributor to the objectives of the Allotrope Foundation (

Monday, March 5, 2018 / 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Case Study: The Journey to Self-Service Data Discovery: A Life Sciences Case Study

As expectations mount for Pharma to deliver cost-effective, life-improving therapies for patients, Pharma companies are constantly looking for opportunities to fully leverage their information assets and technology investments to advance Product and Clinical Development activities. Within the Product and Clinical Development areas at Eli Lilly and Company, the aim is to empower scientific and business leaders to self-service data discovery and rapid insights generation, to accelerate the delivery of novel and innovative therapies to patients. In this case study, IT leaders from Eli Lilly and Company will share key learnings in their journey to establishing a data integration, data exploration and scientific insights platform to achieve this goal. Aspects of foundational data and systems architecture, as well as governance and human factors design thinking will be explored. Additionally, aspects of how semantic technology is being leveraged to power their information fabric and drive leading-edge modeling and analytics for the generation of critical business insights will be shared.

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