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7 Ways to Help IT Teams Think Strategically

Infrastructure and operations leaders can use these steps to make stronger decisions on the evolution to digital platforms. Cities are without doubt the world’s most popular places to live…

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5 Steps to Build Agile Infrastructure & Operations

Build an I&O agility program that goes beyond “business as usual.” Gartner recommends that I&O leaders follow these five steps to build an agile, high performance and business-aligned I&O organization.

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Optimize IT Operations to Drive Business Values

Business users work differently than in the past and are demanding new technology and user experiences. Gartner Q&A with analyst Katherine Lord explores the future of IT operations.

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Analyst blog – Andrew Lerner

The State of SDN

Here we are in the Fall of 2017 and Software-defined networking (SDN) remains a widely used and misused term that means everything and nothing at the same time.

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AIOps Platforms

AIOps is an emerging technology and addresses something I’m a big fan of – improving IT Operations.  So I asked fellow Gartner analyst Colin Fletcher for a guest blog on the topic…

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Serverless is not networkless

Serverless is pretty hot right now, so I asked one of our serverless analysts Arun Chandrasekaran a few questions on the topic…Q1. What is serverless, is it a new technology…

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