Enhance your experience when you attend as a team!

I&O leaders must find the balance between maintaining legacy systems while also delivering agility, meeting business objectives and driving innovation. Attend with colleagues from around your I&O organization to expand your presence at the conference and:

  • Divide and conquer the agenda
  • Compare notes on lessons, topics and projects
  • Network with technology vendors and suppliers
  • Meet as a team with key analysts to discuss challenges and elements of a rock-solid strategy
  • Forge strong relationships among key stakeholders to shape the future of your organization
  • Gain the tools, strategies and insights to stay ahead of expanding scopes of responsibility and increasing threats
  • Align I&O strategies with enterprise and business objectives
  • Ensure ongoing operations through business continuity and operations management
  • Learn how to apply the latest techniques to tackle the cloud, the IoT and IT
  • Maximize enterprise ROI by using the latest business continuity and enterprise resilience practices
  • Lead your organization through the cultural changes necessary to support a digital business

Click here to download a PDF with more details or view our interactive infographic.

Master I&O with your team.