What’s New

At this year’s Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Conference, you’ll discover more opportunities to fine-tune your skills and hone your strategic objectives. Here’s what’s new in 2017:

  • Spotlight Tracks selecting sessions from across the agenda that focus on a particular topic. This year, we’re featuring:
    • Software-Defined Everything/Anything
    • Infrastructure & Operations for the Midsize Enterprise
    • Securing the Data Center of Tomorrow
    • Emerging Strategies for Tomorrow’s IT
    • Diversity in IT
  • Enhanced Senior Executive Circle program. Network with senior-level I&O leaders like you through exclusive roundtables and sessions.
  • 130+ technically grounded sessions, spread across eight tracks based on key initiatives aligning to your top priorities
  • Peer Meetups — Pick a topic and then join up to 10 peers in a relaxed setting to exchange ideas, build relationships and address mutual challenges face to face.
  • More practical implementation advice on how to develop and deploy a cloud strategy, the implications of edge computing, and a deeper look at the impact of the IoT on I&O.
  • Expanded coverage on ransomware and cybersecurity.
  • Included in every Gartner presentation is a 30/60/90-day action planning slide to help you get on track as soon as you return to the office.

Will this be your first time at this conference? Take a look at our First Time Attendee FAQ page for more.

Recommended sessions for alumni:

  • The Journey to the Mix: Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Edge Thomas J. Bittman
  • Gartner Essentials: The DevOps Scenario: Delivering Business Value through Continuous Product Delivery George Spafford
  • Living on the Edge: How IoT and Immersive Technologies Will Change Computing Thomas J. Bittman
  • Gartner Essentials: The Five-Year Automation Scenario — Automate I&O to Drive Efficiency, Improve Reliability and Reduce Costs Terrence Cosgrove
  • How Seven Top IT Operations Teams Are Succeeding With AIOps Technologies Colin Fletcher, Sanjit Ganguli
  • Use These Six Key Factors to Achieve Data Center and Cloud Outsourcing Deal Success William Maurer
  • Successfully Scaling DevOps Adoption in I&O George Spafford
  • Re-Imagining Data Centers on the Edge – The Edge Computing Roadmap Bob Gill
  • Succession Planning for Leadership in the Age of Digital Transformation Diane Berry
  • The Business Impact of IoT Peter Havart-Simkin
  • Take These Four Steps Now to Transform Your Network to Support Digital Business Joe Skorupa
  • The Current State of Business and IT Operations Resilience: What can be done to Improve It John P. Morency
  • An I&O Leader’s Guide to Protecting against Future Ransomware and Cyberattacks Robert Rhame
  • The Next Innovations in Hyperconvergence and How They Will Affect You George J. Weiss
  • A Glimpse into the Future of the Enterprise Data Center — 2022 and Beyond Henrique Cecci

Alumni Benefits

As a returning attendee, we recognize your ongoing commitment and loyalty to Gartner Events with these benefits:*

  • Priority booking for analyst one-on-one consultations, workshops and analyst-user roundtables (Priority booking opens 6 weeks prior to the event. General attendee bookings open 4 weeks prior to the event.)
  • Alumni welcome bag
  • Exclusive keynote book signing

*Note: All benefits above apply to returning attendees of this specific conference only

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