The conference is designed for individuals in the following roles.

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Chief Technology Officer/Chief Information Officer

Top priorities include:
  • Align the I&O strategy with that of the business
  • Talent management, acquisition and retention
  • Cost optimization
  • Get the most from existing infrastructure while moving toward a digital future

VP/Director/Managers of:

Infrastructure & Operations

Top priorities include:
  • Emerging trends and technologies
  • Move the I&O strategy forward
  • Cost optimization
  • Legacy technology and applications vs. new and emerging trends
  • Improve people, process and technologies
  • Drive innovation and agility
  • Deliver value more rapidly
  • Be a true partner to the business

VP/Director/Managers of:

IT Infrastructure

Top priorities include:
  • Manage a bimodal operation
  • Handle legacy infrastructure
  • Create an agile infrastructure
  • Strike the optimal balance of on-premises and public cloud
  • Deliver an experience embraced by customers and employees

VP/Director/Managers of:

IT Operations

Top priorities include:
  • Day-to-day support of IT services
  • Ensure availability, capacity and performance
  • IT service desk
  • DevOps
  • Cloud operations
  • Engage and inspire today’s workforce
  • Scale the administrators to better handle rising service-level expectations
  • Deliver reliable existing systems while navigating the changes needed to support new digital workloads

VP/Director/Managers of:

Data Center

Top priorities include:
  • Data center security
  • Cloud migration (public/private/hybrid)
  • On-prem/Off-prem/colocation environments
  • Accelerate innovation but “keep the lights on”

VP/Director/Managers of:

Servers, Storage and Networking

Top priorities include:
  • Implement software-defined (SDN)
  • Ensure networking availability despite hyperconvergence and security threats
  • Modernize systems, technologies and strategies
  • Support Mode 1 of bimodal IT, while acknowledging the need for a more agile Mode 2

VP/Director/Managers of:

Service Delivery/Desk

Top priorities include:
  • Better alignment with the business
  • Respond to operational issues and threats in a more timely manner
  • Manage availability of more complex services

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