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The Knowledge Management Scenario:Trends and Directions for 1998-2003

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Management Summary As the 20th century is exited, business competition is taking on a new dimension. Enterprises will be required to compete not only on the basis of product, service and operational excellence, but also through formal management and leverage of their corporate memory and intellectual capital. As competition intensifies in areas that include product innovation, customer relationship management and global service delivery, the ability of an enterprise to capture and share knowledge and its ability to reuse, reinvent and innovate using that knowledge will become a key determinant and predictor of value. Strategic Planning Assumption: By 2003, Type A (leading-edge adopters of new technology) enterprises will incorporate accounting practices that formally measure and value their intellectual capital, as well as their financial and physical assets (0.7 probability). Knowledge management (KM) has emerged as a strategy for managing corporate memory and intellectual capital, but enterprises (including users, vendors and service providers of KM) do not share a common definition of KM, and are confused by the concept. Multiple definitions are competing in the marketplace, some broad enough to permit any form of information management to be renamed KM, and any vendor whose products deal with digitized information to claim that these are KM products. In this report, the GartnerGroup definition is used as a benchmark to assess KM trends, management practices, technology directions, service provider directions and applications. o "Knowledge management is a discipline that promotes an integrated approach to the creation, capture, organization, access and use of an enterprise's information assets. These assets include structured databases, textual information such as policy and procedure documents, and most importantly, the tacit knowledge and expertise resident in the heads of individual employees." KM is not the implementation of a technology...


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