IT Glossary

legacy application or system

…An information system that may be based on outdated technologies, but is critical to day-to-day operations. Replacing legacy applications and systems with systems based on new and different technologies is one of the information systems (IS) professional’s most significant challenges. As enterprises upgrade or change their technologies, they must ensure compatibility with old systems and data formats that are still in use….

SFF-LR (small-form-factor, legacy-reduced)

…Small footprint PC that has reduced support for legacy technologies such as mouse and keyboard ports, PCI slots, serial and parallel ports. Read reviews of Managed Detection and Response Services… Gartner Peer Insights has over 35 reviews on 10+ vendors in the Managed Detection and Response Services market. Learn about these companies and these products from IT professionals who have first-hand experience with them.  …

Web integration servers

Web servers that directly support Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP); execute a proprietary, high-level 4GL or scripting language; and include one or more adapters for databases, legacy systems and packaged applications. Extensible Markup Language (XML)-based Web integration servers are similar; however, they also use XML data internally within the server and externally with clients and other applications.

Application Modernization Services

…Application modernization services address the migration of legacy to new applications or platforms, including the integration of new functionality to provide the latest functions to the business.Modernization options include re-platforming, re-hosting, recoding, rearchitecting, re-engineering, interoperability, replacement and retirement, as well as changes to the application architecture to clarify which option should be selected….

Network Sharing

…service providers (CSPs) share network resources through joint ownership or by third-party-enabled network sharing (open networks).It is a generic concept but is most widely applied in mobile and fiber to the home (FTTH) networks. It is technology-neutral, and includes active and passive sharing of existing as well as new infrastructure. Regulatory enforced sharing of legacy assets, such as raw copper infrastructure, is not included….

User Authentication Technologies

User authentication technologies encompass a variety of products and services implementing a range of authentication methods in place of legacy passwords. Methods are typically classified by the kind of authentication attributes (or factors) that they use, alone or in combination: something known, something held (a token) or something inherent (a biometric characteristic). Authentication may be natively supported in products or services…

Authentication Technologies

…Authentication technologies encompass a wide variety of products and services that implement a range of authentication methods in place of legacy password-based authentication….


Adapters are small, focused programs that expose functionality and/or data in a legacy application. Our use of this term includes not only the programs, but also the framework for designing and developing adapter programs. Adapters can be deceptively complex, with “thick” adapters performing a variety of functions that include recognizing events, collecting and transforming data, and exchanging data with platform, integration suite…

Application Outsourcing

Application outsourcing is an outsourcing arrangement for a wide variety of application services including new development, legacy systems maintenance, offshore programming, management of packaged applications and staff augmentation. While this form of outsourcing generally involves a transfer of staff, the use of the term has recently broadened to include arrangements where this is not the case, as in staff augmentation. It does not include…

hybrid modeling

A term, coined by Gartner, that is used to signify second-generation, dimension-driven, constraint-based solids modeling technology beyond first-generation parametric modeling. Hybrid modelers offer multiple design input mechanisms, flexible constraint management, and robust interoperability with legacy computer-aided design (CAD) data.

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